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whatsapp messenger doesn’t allow not more than five message at a time. in this situation you can use Marketopedia whatsapp business sender. it could help you to send bulk whatsapp is very useful software for whatsapp marketing, you can send multiple messages like notification, offer,orders,alert. some good features are available in this software like you can send unlimited messages in a day. no need to save phone number in contact book. wonderful filter option availble it has split whatsapp and non whatsapp no very quickly. customised auto reply messages we can write. and personal reply also you send. (chat bot). more option are is good software for bulk whatsapp marketing.


Many messenger application are available in google play store. most of the android users using whatsapp messenger and their thought is the best application for simplest way to convey message. most important point the message has to reach right person at the correct time,otherwise message was considered as useless. whatsapp messanger can do flawless job to send and receive messages between one to other.

Whatsapp has over 1.5 billion monthly active users all over the world and 400 million users are there from India,so its not surprising if whatsapp marketing becomes the new marketing hub in the world of Digital Marketing , when every user opens there whats app daily there cannot be another tool that gives more personalized service, not just in the world of marketing but in our professional work as well. Weather you are an office person or a business owner, this tool works for all.

How can I download VMDigitalmaarketing Business Sender

You can find WhatsApp – marketing message sending software on the download page at VMDigitalmaarketing We have given the link below. You can download VMDigitalmaarketing Business Sender using this link. After Download send screenshot to our whatsapp.

It is a desktop and laptop software. After installing it, open the VMDigitalmaarketing Business Sender. Fill in the registration form that appears to you. It will ask for a license and if you have a license, write it down. If not the license to test is given below if you intend to trial the software. Take advantage of it. The trial license is valid for one day only.

Can we send bulk messages from WhatsApp?

You need to use certain marketing strategies when trying to market your product or service through WhatsApp. You need to plan exactly what kind of customer will benefit from your product or service. Consider strategies such as the field of users, for example, how far you can sell and service. This will help you to compile a list of your required customers (name, address, phone number, email, website, etc.). See the shop website for more details. and Trial also available.

Before sending WhatsApp marketing messages there are some important things to do This action will differentiate you from spam message senders. The numbers in the list of customers you have should be divided into WhatsApp registered numbers and unregistered numbers, because all the whatsapp messages you send will reach the customers through the WhatsApp server, in which case if you send the message to an unregistered number in WhatsApp, the WhatsApp server will consider you as spammer. your WhatsApp number can be disabled. With this in mind we have given you the process of filtering WhatsApp Registration Number, VMDigitalmaarketing Business Sender. You can send WhatsApp messages to split numbers.

How to set up customization of messages using VMDigitalmaarketing Business Sender?

You may receive countless WhatsApp messages in a day, all of which may be registered numbers in your phone book or from WhatsApp groups. If you want to send messages from countless customers to all of them from another number of yours, do not upload many numbers on that phone. In this situation VMDigitalmaarketing Sender Software will help you to send messages with their names on each of the WhatsApp messages. There will be a hope on.

Open the VMDigitalmaarketing Business Sender and insert variables at the bottom of the message area. Open it and there will be some options one after the other, choose the option that suits you. Now the messages you send will go to the customers customized 

Basic Features of Whatsapp Business Sender

Import Contact

Can Import contacts from your computer as unsaved it in your phone book.

Number Filter

You can segregate whatsapp register and non whatsapp nos. It Leads you 100% Delivery.

Auto Reply Bot

Can respond automatically to received messages with customised msg.

Anti Blocking Module

Friendly sending between messages along with auto rotation with multiple whatsapp accounts .

Schedule Message

Schedule your message on peak hours, While peak hours would reach message to clients your convert ratio goes up.

Group Contact Grabber

Can featch contacts from your whatsapp groups and start send message to all group members as individually .

send with button reply

Send your message with 3 button reply message. it helps engage your audience.


Report can explain to us, how could we segregate our clients, and it remains which segment have to concentrate on..

Send catelogues

Send your message with catelogues with reply option. it helps boost your sales.

Demo Videos

Watch Demo Whatsapp Tutorial

Additional Information

How to Install Software :

Please carefully read and use Anti-Banned Trick on Software for reduced blocking:

  1. Use More Spin tax option in your msg. (Watch Video).
  2. Go to Setting and add more than 1 Familiar Whatsapp number and msg, then Active Familiar Option.
  3. Send Unknown Contact 30 to 50 msg only in a short. After that, chat with some of your friends.
  4. You can repeat the 3rd point after 1 or 2 hours.
  5. You can add Multiple Whatsapp accounts, for sending msg with random accounts.
  6. Don’t use your important Whatsapp account in Software, Whatsapp can be block your account,Read T&C From Website.
  7. If you want to use a New Whatsapp Account, You need to use 15 to 30 days with proper chat to friends, For better Response.


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